Coronavirus: This Army man is making and giving away masks for free


At times like this, when the whole nation is engulfed in a blanket of despair and darkness. There are few people like Sudhir Kumar who give us a ray of hope.

Sudhir Kumar is an army man who is taking his duty forward and fulfilling the role of a savior, a true Indian soldier who is duty his duty at the most primary level, the ground level. Sudhir is a junior commissioned officer (JCO) in the army.

43 year old, Sudhir is currently posted in Amritsar, Punjab. Sudhir is a native of a small village in Bihar. A month before the lockdown, he had applied for leave so that he could arrange his daughter’s wedding. He even took a loan of 4 lakhs. But due to lockdown, he was not able to fulfill his plans. During this time he got the message from his seniors that due to whole nation lockdown his leave has been extended.

At this time he learnt about the situation of covid-19 in his hometown and he understood one fact that the people there knew about corona but they didn’t knew how to prevent it from spreading.

When he reached his village, he send his son to buy a mask for him, Sudhir say that due to huge demand and less supply in the market the prices of masks have skyrocketed to a whooping amount of 200. Which makes it nearly impossible for a poor person to buy a mask.

Then he suddenly thought of an idea about making homemade masks, which would be more cost effective and safe. Due to his army background he had training in disciple and management whereas his wife had learnt the art of sewing and tailoring. Both husband and wife decided to come together and make masks for the betterment of the society and their fellow villagers.

He brought raw materials for 20000 rupees and started the process of making masks with his wife. Firstly his plan was to make the mask for 2-3 days but when he received the information that his leave got extended he continued with his previous plans.

He says that during his 25 years of army service he has learnt one most important thing that to serve the nation. His main aim is to serve his nation whether on field or for the villagers.

He distributed around 4000 masks among his village. He even checked from the doctor about the usability of the mask who further confirmed that the mask was safe and usable like any other mask.

Sudhir and his family are further taking the initiative to provide awareness among the villagers about corona its prevention and cure. His constant perseverance are bearing fruits and people are now aware of their safety and are taking all the necessary precautions.

Sudhir is a junior army officer, with low educational background and comes from a low middle-class family and with very less savings. But because of his love for his nation and his countrymen, he is leaving no stone unturned.

People like Sudhir set an example for the people. Sudhir and his family are one of the few among many who contribute themselves towards the betterment of the society. Let’s appreciate and support his efforts and love towards the nation.

Mukesh Pathak
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