CORONA heros; Not all superheros wear capes

CORONA heros; Not all superheros wear capes

Not all superheros wear capes. We are at a time where the multi-handed CORONA virus is slowly eating up world peace. COVID-19 pandemic is bringing medical science of many developed countries to its kness. Despite of putting nature at ease, it has severely damaged the financial backbone. This clearly shows we need a long time for recovery. The contagious nature of this virus makes it extremely dangerous. At once, the selfishness spreading during lockdown is even more perilous and contagious than virus itself. However, during these testing times some people understand their first duty to serve mankind. Hence, called the CORONA heros. Let’s see some stories resonating world peace.

Humanity is what my religion taught

As the the deadly virus can survive in air as droplets for a few hours, the doctors are at higher risk. The N95 respiratory and surgical masks are serving as weapons for this. However, due to its shape it doesn’t easily fit to the ones heavy beard. One of the instance was there in Canada where two Sikh brothers couldn’t wear the mask due to their beard. For the religious distinction, Sikhs are under obligations a turban and beard. The two Sikh brothers Sanjeet and Rajeet cut their beard for serving the patients. As they consider helping humans is the first chapter their religion teaches.

“We could choose not to work, but in a time when healthcare workers are falling sick, we would be adding stress to an already taxed system,” said Sanjeet

Welcome to homeland

Indian government, for the relief of Indians stuck in abroad will bring them back. Though to avoid overcrowding, measures are taken as phases. For the first phase, India will evacuate 15 thousand citizens back. In these figures near about 2,250 people belong to Kerla. However, the government will charge between the slabs of rupees 12,000 to 1Lakh. The rates will vary on the basis of respective destinations. In such situations the migrants who don’t have enough money to buy tickets have no other option except staying at foreign lands. Understanding the situation, KS Sabarinadhan, MLA from Aruvikkara constituency in Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram has come forward to help the needy ones. For connecting them, a helpline ‘Aruvikkara pravasi helpline’ is started. However, to raise funds MLA and his cohorts are playing a pivotal parts. As well as the associates are putting best of their monetary efforts to bring them back to homeland.

“Even though I have targeted ten initially, it will be great if we can extend to at least 50,” says KS Sabarinadhan assuring the help.

You fight, we make weapons

To match the market demands of N95 masks the companies grew the production. But, due to less material availability the masks are now in shortage. In India, Maharashtra has maximum number of cases, Mumbai is at danger with more than 5,300 cases. For solving the problem of less masks CORONA heros, Krysyn Rego and his team initiated to make masks at Corona Garden. For the first day made 400 face shields. This number keeps rising everyday, the daily production increased to more than 1600. The are also making it affordable at Rupee 35 apiece. The workers are giving it to Police, Hospital and to the ones in need. More than 2,500 of shields are distributed by the Golden Citizen Trust to hospitals.

Looking at these CORONA heros, it seems the World can survive the battle with the virus. The need of hour is to understand and explore our own superpowers.