Commonwealth Day

Commonwealth Day is a crucial event for Commonwealth countries across the globe. It has a union of 53 countries together. Majority of them were British colonies at different times. However, even after their independence from British Empire these countries together represent Unity, Peace, Prosperity and Trade. Whereas not every country of this union was in colony. Two countries Rawanda and are still a part without the invasion of British. Every year this is a memorable day for the countries who believe in making world a better place under this Commonwealth. More to exceptiona United States of America is not a part of this, though it was a British colony before 1776.

British Commonwealth to Commonwealth of nations

Firstly, it was named as British Commonwealth which is changed to Commonwealth of nations. It first started with Ireland, UK, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada. The name was changed to it because of London Declaration in 1949. The countries with most heinous partition also is a part of it. India and Pakistan are a part since 1947. So they too celebrate The Commonwealth Day. Also, many countries got excluded from it. Ireland was the first to leave the Union. Whereas, Zimbabwe and Maldive left in the year 2003 and 2016 respectively. The agenda of this is to help countries which need support and free trade. Many other countries can be welcomed in it in forthcoming years.

Many countries seem confused to whether stay or leave in this. The reasons could be many and on their situations. For instance Pakistan, South Africa and Gambia. They decided to leave but then ask for joining back. However, they are currently members of Commonwealth Union now. Every two years a meeting takes place. In which ceremonial head is Queen Elizabeth II. For all the countries who come under her monarch consider her the head. There are total sixteen countries, UK is included in that as well.

Commonwealth Games

Sports bring nations close, one of the event is Commonwealth games. These are organized every 4 years among the countries. Every country waits for this spectacular event very eagerly. They leave no chance to grab medals in that. Also,the members are given privilege to host it in their country too. As per the 19th Commonwealth Games were in India. The countries perform in and host it. However, for the year 2022 the twenty second Commonwealth games will happen in United Kingdom.