Corona Virus Update: Bhopal says it’s time to open your heart and work for humanity during this lockdown


The pandemic spread has caused a week long lockdown in the city. As the residents collaborate to control it’s spread, there has been a spike in the frenzy around basics. There are developing territories of concern which require metro cooperation. We have curated a rundown of a couple of ways you can take an interest and help the city leave this emergency:

As a matter of first importance, Stay at Home!

Different endeavors are recorded underneath. Every recorded exertion have been properly checked. Every one of these gatherings is avoiding potential risks. It would be ideal if you get in touch with them to get some information about the careful steps in detail.

Different government and non-government organisations have come together at this crisis to provide their services to common or underprivileged people.

Bhopal collectorate has appealed to citizens to join them as a volunteer in providing supplies both medical and non-medical. Any interested individual/institution/organizations/industries can mail to be a part of this mission. Where as in Bhopal AIIMS, the largest tertiary care center in Madhya Pradesh. In the midst of the COVID pandemic, it has become the epicenter for testing, COVID patient care etc. However, junior doctors are not provided prescribed Protective gear. It is learned that there is a shortage of these even in places like the ER, which is the most likely point of contact for suspected cases.

This team of medical warriors is looking for masks/sanitizers that are in spare in this time of public health emergency.

Many other non-profit organization is also serving humanity by providing food to those who are economically affected due to the curfew and also strays animals in new Bhopal and old Bhopal. Many people are also supporting them with the donation.

It was also found that during the lockdown, especially in the present scenario can also trigger some mental issues in some people, for those different organization is also providing mental health assistance

We at this point of time collectively facing a pandemic threat that is sweeping across humanity beyond oceans and borders. Considering the seriousness of COVID-19, it is about time we step up against the deadly disease. For the sake of the lives lost and the rest of the humanity, let us pledge to beat CORONA BACK

Nikhil Mishra
Nikhil Mishra is a Student of psychology and a Dynamic researcher, Had Presented 5 papers at the National and International Conference and complete on Minor research project. He Loves writing as a joyful activity. He is also a teacher, counselor, and motivational speaker