Asteroid Day ; Space rocks

Asteroids are heavy rocky plantry bodies in orbit of Sun. They are Sun like planet, though smaller in size. The collision of asteroids is not a hearsay. Every 100 years probability of asteroids colliding Earth is near 50,000. Asteroid Day marks the largest asteroid impact in recorded history. Each year the day of 30th June is Asteroid Day. Back then, it started from Tunguska event. This event is the largest explosion in records near Podkamennya Tungsuka river Yeniseysk Governate. This place is now in Krasnoyarsak KraI, Russia. The impact of the explosion is still unforgettable. 30th June 2020 will be the 6th annual Asteroid Day.


On the morning of 30th June, 1908, an explosion happened. An asteroid entered Earth’s atmosphere and exploded. 8.5 KM above surface. It was in Eastern Siberian Taiga, which affected 771 square miles of forest. Though the area is equivenlt to 2000 square kilometres the population density there was low. The explosion is credited to air burst of meteor. Also, the estimations say the energy deadly burst of air was from 15-20 megatons of TNT explosion.Which means it was a thousand times more than atomic bomb dropped in Hiroshima, Japan. It also destroyed more than 8 crore trees.

The first Asteroid Day originated in 2015. The objective of the day s to aware people about During first five years, there were more than 2000 events. More than 78 countries were into that, as well as 41 astronauts participated in various space activities. A good number of famed space institutions added themselves into it. The list comprises of Institutions such as Institut de Ciències de l’Espai,The Natural History Museum in Vienna, The American Natural History Museum,The California Academy of Sciences,The Science Museum in London,The SETI institute, he European Space Agency, The UK Space Agenc

The International Asteroid Warning Network (IAWN) utilizes all around depicted correspondence plans and shows to help Governments inside the assessment of expected aftereffects of a territory rock impact and to help the organizing of easing reactions.

Taking facts into consideration, this is still the largest asteroid entered till now. Such events get the researchers to look at things with a different vision. The scientists work even harder to find out more and more about asteroids. For more information go to and find more facts on Asteroid.