An ITI professor created an oxygen tank cart to get to a serious patient as quickly as possible.

Rajat Kumar Panigrahi

Rajat Kumar Panigrahi, Director of ITI in Odisha, Berhampur, developed a dedicated oxygen cylinder stroller that has saved jobs and lives over time.

With the rise in COVID-19 cases, several emergency hospitals have opened across the country. Some of these centers in Covid are located in remote areas of the city, while others do not have access to hospitals. Researchers at the Berhampur Industrial Education Institute (ITI) in Odisha have been working to address this problem. Laboratory director Professor Rajat Kumar Panigrahi is working with researchers to find new innovations that will allow oxygen cylinders to be provided to patients in hospital

In this regard, Professor Rajat Kumar Panigrahi said: “Some time ago, a COVID-19 Center was opened in our laboratory. There I saw workers with oxygen cylinders who did not go to the hospital in order not to get infected with the virus. They are removed. With an oxygen cylinder, everything is complicated. The hospital staff then, with the help of the patient’s family, inserted a heavy tube inside. “

He explained that it was all a waste of time and that emergency care for patients was often delayed.

Professor Rajat Kumar Panigrahi worked with a team of five ITIs to create a cylinder trolley in a matter of days. This wheelchair demonstration model is used at the Covid Institute Hospital. At the same time, ITI has released 5 different strollers. Are also being used in different covid Care centers in the city.

This stroller is 2.7 feet long and can easily carry over 160 kg. He also worked on rough roads in remote areas. Rajat said, “Most nursing homes are built in remote areas with poor cladding. Uneven cement floors and floors are sometimes encountered. That’s why we use stroller scooter wheels to move smoothly on any surface. These wheels also make it easier to load heavy loads onto the sidecar. “The steel is used to make the stroller welded together. At the same time, nuts and bolts are used to connect the wheels, which can be easily found in a car repair shop, ”says Rajat with a metal chain installed here. A place. There is no oxygen in the can of the stroller

Drops when moving from place to place. He also said that his team would cost Rs 4,200 to make the car, but added that the price of the car could be lower depending on the raw materials used. Since it was used during the Crown era, Professor Rajat wants to be able to create and use these carts by sharing his design and development process with as many people, manufacturers and welders as possible. Finally, Rajat said, “I hope this device will be produced in many cities and used in hospitals. It will save jobs, time and lives during these difficult times.

If you would like to know more about this oxygen line, contact the institute at [email protected].