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“If you have a family that loves you, a few good friends, food on your table, and a roof over your head, then you are richer than you think.” Doesn’t that sum up everything you need in your life? You may start to realize how futile it is to think about the things that you don’t have instead of being grateful for what you do have – your family being the foremost one. This pandemic time has taught us the value of being with family and nurture the bonding we share with each other. But the story of this family has become viral on social media platforms because they are not only utilizing the lockdown time but making World Records to inspire many families to come forward to achieving their dream. 

We are talking about the Dasgupta Family from Andhra Pradesh, where you would find all members of the family as World Record Holders. It may sound surprising but they are all champions in various fields and have showcased their talents to motivate many families around. All the four members of the Dasgupta Family, Kaushik Dasgupta, his wife Dr. Shila Dasgupta, their sons, Dr. Sai Kaustuv, and Dr. Kushal Dasgupta has been honored with Kalam’s World Records for their multifaceted talents. Started with the main aim of upbringing the talents from every corner, Kalam’s World Records are working with the ideals of late APJ Abdul Kalam (11th President of India). They are creating history where everyone in one family drew inspiration from each other and achieved World Records. 

Let’s have a glimpse of their extraordinary journey and their World Records. 

The story begins with Dr. Sai Kaustuv. Imagining spending even one day without the use of hands and legs is a difficult task for a majority of us. But this guy has decided to challenge a debilitating disease and become an inspiration for many. Having suffered more than 50 fractures, his bones are now fixed, and he can not walk. His life is now dependent on an electric wheelchair to move around at home and outside. Despite the hardships, he found a ray of hope to make the whole world into a better place with the power of his one finger. Since his hands cannot reach the laptop’s keyboard, he started typing using the virtual keyboard. He received Limca World Records and 14+ National and World Records for the Fastest Virtual Typing with One Finger. He typed 28 words in 52 seconds with just his only functioning left index finger, in addition to doing international graphic designing with it. Through this unique record, Dr. Sai has proved to the world that we must never underestimate a differently-abled person’s skill.

By seeing a living example within the family itself, his younger brother Dr. Kushal thought of motivating youths who are easily getting depressed with no valid reason. Everyone can operate electronic devices but how many have tried operating 10 devices together. He is an expert in managing 10 gadgets, that too in 3 minutes 29 seconds only. He completed various electronic tasks in the shortest time and successfully entered into World Records for his extreme talent in the technological field. As he is a passionate photographer and filmmaker, he made his second world record by making a short film in 11 days. He became the Youngest and Fastest Filmmaker of India who single-handed managed different departments in a short film. That film received an official selection from various international film festivals. Besides this Dr. Kushal is trying to upgrade the rural areas of India technologically with the awareness of newly updated devices and skills. He also received Guinness World Records for the fastest time to type using one finger.

Their mother Dr. Shila always supported her children to go high and achieve everything they aspire for. While motivating them, she also got inspired to do something for housewives who needs support to progress. Many think that housewives are not enough capable to get success but Dr. Shila’s life is one such housewife’s journey which reflects how being a simple housewife, she became an achiever and now standing class apart. She made World Records by chanting the whole Hanuman Chalisa in the least time i.e 1 minute 46 seconds. She completed her research on stress-free living through the Art of Spirituality and currently working for Women Empowerment, Counselling Specially abled children’s mother & their families, and received her Honorary Doctorate. Besides playing the role of the ideal mother, she is a renowned Cook, an Acupressurist, a Reflexologist, a Naturopathist, and a Numerologist too.

Last but not the least, the head of the family, Mr. Kaushik Dasgupta thought to complete the history by setting World records due to which all the 4 members of one family will be known as the World Record Holder Family. He was highly motivated by both of his sons and was also inspired by his wife Dr. Shila, the recipients of India Excellence Awards and Womens’ Pride Award. Kaushik made a unique record by writing a famous verse “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country” in Reverse Mirror format in 27 seconds only (53 letters). He made this Record on the 74th Independence Day of India on 15 August 2020 and has dedicated this Record to all the brave souls of the country. Presently, Kaushik works as a Security Officer and Operation Executive of Chaitanya Jyoti, an international Museum of Puttaparthi. He is also passionate about singing, recitation, cooking unique dishes, interior decoration, drawing, and painting. 

The Dasgupta Family also received the Prestigious Inclusivity Champion Award by The Headway Foundation on 7th Nov 2019, Chennai for showcasing Inclusion and Diversity through Family Union-ship which is seen very rare nowadays. We are truly proud to present this story of a family who does not know to complain about the present crisis but on the contrary, they are inspiring everyone with their achievements. Such families are rare to find where everyone is a World Record Holder and contributing their skills to make a better world. A big salute to them.   

Mukesh Pathak
Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder of Indian Achievers Story & Social Hindustan. | Best Content Creator 35 UNDER 35 Madhya Pradesh | Motivational Speaker & Mozilla Tech Speaker | Software Developer