Age is just a number if you decided to do something incredible

Age is just a number if you decided to do something incredible
Age is just a number if you decided to do something incredible

he above phrase totally matches the personality of 14 years boy, Kunal Chandiramani. Kunal came into this world with millions of dreams and hopes on 17 October 2003 at Idgah Hills, Bhopal, India. Currently, he is doing his schooling from Billabong High School, Bhopal. He is the son of the blessed parent, Mrs. Sanya Chandiramani and Mr. Naresh Chandiramani. And happily, he is an elder brother of her sister, Harshita Chandiramani.

Friends if you think Kunal is a boy who just studies in 10th standard and peacefully accomplishing his schooling then you are very very wrong. Kunal is one of the youngest who owns two startups at the age of 14. Surprisingly yes With the motive of doing for youth, for humanity, for giving back to the Country, he thinks out from his comfort zone and did amazing works. He is not only an owner of two startups but also Tedx and Keynote speaker, Ethical hacker, Honorary advisor at KKEL and a machine learning entrepreneur. So, now say just a 14 years boy or a next millionaire of India.

At the age when a boy needs to enjoy his life with playing gully cricket or anything else, he chose a Web developing. He said he enjoys every second while developing rather than playing outside. For this, he thanks his parent that they never forced him to play outside instead of web developing.  When he was 10 years old, he felt the drawback of bookish level study and created a platform where any student from the entire world can study any topic, and this turned into his first startup which is CompAcademy. Not only this again after some years he came up with an innovative for overcoming the drawbacks of online buy and selling system which is Kstar.

Let’s talk about CompAcademy, it’s an open platform where any student or citizen can come and study nano courses and in return, they gain points and again from that points they can do there main courses of any relevant topics available in CompAcademy. The basic motto was to overcome the gap between the best education system and students. And currently, five countries are associated with CompAcademy.

And now talking about his second startup, he developed an application named Kstar which reduces the problem occurs between buying and selling materials online. Kunal said when he did the research and found, neither seller wants to put efforts out from the box of luxury nor buyer want to spend more money. Then he created an application which provides you a dashboard where you can display all your information and in just 5 minutes you can start your own online system for marketing.

Apart from these, Kunal also works on wearable devices which is a smart cap,  which tends to boost up the productivity. This innovative gear includes the concept of breath sensation, people dilation which makes the output of gear much more real and effective. He is also working on may other wearable devices with great innovative ideas in his mind.

“Always be goal digger..” The goals of Kunal Chandiramani are like no one thinks of and yes he is working on it. He is currently doing research on various theories and topics like Relativity Theory and many more.

We told you much about Kunal and his startups… Don’t you think, what inspiration motivates him? Which spark encourages him? Whom he admire?      Where every Indian boy at the age of 14 admires Sachin, Dhoni, Kunal Chandiramani admires and get inspired by Jeff Basso, Nick Bostrom, and Elon Musk and for sure our own missile man, APJ Abdul Kalam.  According to Kunal, motivation comes from questioning everything, just being curious and feel free to ask how, why and ask questions. Behind Kunal’s efforts and intelligence, there are two mentors who helped him in each phase of difficulties. They are Mr. Raghu Pandey, founder of iMature and his mother’s cousin, Mr. Jeetu Milwani.

Being an active youth of India his words for Future students and youngsters is-

“Don’t look for motivation outside, look for motivation inside. Because when the motivation inside is zero even if the motivation outside is hundred, zero multiplies with hundred becomes zero. But when the motivation inside is two and motivation outside is hundred, two multiplied by fifty, it becomes hundred.”

Little age but milestone achievements, let’s talk about Kunal’s Achievements-

  • He has been involved with Artificial intelligence and machine learning and am a part of the Google developer community for AI and have developed apps that are there in Google assistants all around device.
  • Achieved first position winner at ethical hacking championship held under Techradiance’17 IIT Bombay.
  • He loves to speak and has spoken at a number of places like TedX, KeyNote, IECCI seminar on IPR in ICT.
  • Member of Google developer community ai
  • Founder CEO kstar
  • Honorary advisor at KKEL
  • He has been a guest entrepreneur as a judge at the ICan conference in sc India school Gwalior last weekend and a few months early at Zanskar valley Bhopal.

Kunal proved that skills do not require any age criteria. You can follow your dream at any age and start working on it as soon as possible. Here we rest our words and will again come with a new interesting story of great achiever of India.