Advertisement industry amidst lockdown: Can COVID-19 kill creativity?


COVID-19 with its ruinous expansion caused many industries to halt. Originating from China, it has now become a global threat. The world is on the verge of a global depression. A huge number of organizations are now dealing with the biggest economical crisis. As liquidity crisis started to bash businesses of both small and large scale companies, the older strategies seem so outdated. A lot of products and services are neither demanded nor supplied due to corona virus. In this scenario, how are the brand advertisement coming out? How are the brands connecting to the customers? Now, there is a need of new marketing tactics to push up the conversion rates.


Lockdown affected the market immediately. The stock market crashed in many parts of world. Also, shoppers are confined to the four walls of home. Numerous private companies had to cut wages of employees. Whereas, the picture looks bright for the entertainment industry. According to the Broadcast Audience Research Council of India,Indian television’s average reach on daily basis elevated with 62 million more viewers. Now, the recorded figures are 622 million. These numbers fascinate the adlanders as television looks a bigger market for marketing these days. As many older campaigns are postponed or cancelled, the challenge for the big players is to come up with newer strategies relevant to the current scenario. Here’s the list of some of ideas these companies used for promotion within the guidelines of lockdown.

Apple – Creativity goes on

Apple advertisement display how customers are utilizing their time using Apple’s devices during pandemic. The advertisement was simple but it reached a significant number of people. It mainly depicts people of different age group using their device to do something creative. This includes drawing, photography, video shooting and many more. Yes, ‘Creativity goes on’.

Audi- The drive

The commercial impressed more outgoing people. Especially, for the nature lovers. Audi with its social partner “We are Social” created a 4 hour drive for viewers. The drive takes viewers to a long drive on soothing empty roads shot in serenity of New South Wales in Audi A6 sedan. John Hassell scored this flim. This is a phenomenal experience, unequivocally.

Nike- Play for the world

Nike, in it’s latest advertisement campaign paid a tribute to world sports and sportsman and depicting how must obey social distancing. Displaying, Today we have to play for 7.8 billion people. The strap lines sound really engaging. However, both of these concepts correlated to each other in a commendable way.

Vodafone– Even When We Can’t Be Close, We Can Be Together

Vodafone Italy apparently collaborated with Red Cross to raise funds for CRI. At first it made to TVs in Italy only, it took a little time to gain popularity at various social media channels. It clearly seems a great effort to resonate message of humanity all over.

Following the trends many other organizations have used their innovation during these testing times. It is a robust instance of, “Creativity goes on”