Actions That Matter: Big dreams have small beginnings

Actions That Matter

Eleanor Roosevelt once said that “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”  Therefore no matter what conditions you live in no matter what challenges you deal with if you have the will power to achieve your goal you will achieve it one day.

Ramjal Meena a very ordinary man who made this saying come true by his determination and hard work. Ramjal Meena, a 34-year-old security guard of Jawaharlal Nehru University who cracked the same university’s entrance examination for admission into BA Russian (Hons).

 He is a son of a daily wager and attended a government school in his village Bhajera but due to financial reasons had to discontinue his education to help his father. The nearest college was 28-30 km away, he said. He stepped into JNU four years ago as a security guard and is now going to study there as a student.

Ramjal Meena said in his interview with a prestigious newspaper that the reason why he graduated from JNU was because people there didn’t believe in the social hierarchy. They supported and helped him graduating and even congratulated for his victory.

He told his life story about how it was difficult for him to continue studying as he belonged from the backward sections of the community and was the sole earner of the family. So, he had to work on night shifts to continue his studies.

While JNU has been known more for its controversies, Meena threw some light upon how it is an esteemed institution that has given leaders to the country. “There are so many rumours about JNU after the February 2016 incident. But it’s not like students only protest; the university has given so many scholars to the country,” he said, adding, “I also want to achieve something after studying.”

This fellow proved us once again that it is not hard to overcome once challenges and surpass the clouds of darkness. Even if situations are unfavorable we could create the rainbow of happiness.

So let’s take his example and create a better future and a better world.

Mukesh Pathak
Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder of Indian Achievers Story & Social Hindustan. | Best Content Creator 35 UNDER 35 Madhya Pradesh | Motivational Speaker & Mozilla Tech Speaker | Software Developer