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We are already aware that not all heroes wear capes, but it is time for us to realize that some remains veiled also. Great achievements and accomplishments get lost in the pages of newspaper and disappear in no time.

Indian Achievers Story unveils these achievers and brings them into the light they so deserve. From dark night to dawn and the eventual right sun, Indian Achievers Story publishes the journey of an achiever in the best fashion.

Indian Achievers Story intends to cover artists, activists, entrepreneurs,social workers, sportsperson and other inspirational personals.

On our social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we share motivational quotes to keep our readers high on motivation.

Our website also features the beauty and magic poems and Ghazals has to offer. Readers share their creations with us, and we put them on the stage to be seen, read, enjoyed and appreciated by all. The secreations include poems (Hindi/English), Ghazals, quotes etc.

We at Indian Achievers Story believes that every journey is special and have its own story. And every story should be told and read,especially when it fashions struggle, dreams, passion, hard work,failures and success.

Indian Achievers Story is a team of voyagers, exploring stories of strength, struggle and success of course mixed in spices of failure, disappointment and rejection. Our purpose is to let every achiever be known in his/her own country and receive the applaud and respect they deserve. Because appreciation will bring more such heroes and achievers to come out of their veils and perform out of the box.

Sharing the stories of ordinarily extraordinary people is our sole purpose and desire. We wish and hope to have your company with us on this journey of springs and sparks!