Aarey forest- lungs of Mumbai

Aarey forest lungs of Mumbai

Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation’s decision to cut down over 2700 trees in the Aarey colony, for making space for, metro car shed which is a part of the Mumbai metro project. Tree authority approved to Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation, for felling down trees for the Mumbai metro project. Many political parties were involved in taking the decisions where BJP agreed with the decision and Shiv Sena did not agree with it.

According to the expert members ShashirekhaSureshkumar and Chandrakant Salunkhe the meeting happened in a very haphazard manner and chaotic conditions, so there is a lot of confusion on who voted for and against the decision. It is not clear how the decision was taken or what happened during the meeting, but, surely, the whole system is flawed.

This decision has led to widespread outrage among Mumbaikars. Activists associated with the Aarey conservation groups are protesting at the site and several thousand aware citizens have joined them and are protesting against it.

The decision was taken by the government clearly shows that they are not concerned about the environment. Many rare species of insects, animals, and plants are found in the Aarey forest, it is also home to 9 leopards, and thousands of indigenous tribes who have been living here for centuries. At this current time when we are already facing a lot of abnormal climatic changes, this decision will surely add to the harms we have already made to our earth. Aarey has a major contribution to controlling air pollution and is the only open space left in Mumbai.