A story that became reality: Dastaan

Dastaan Indore Startup

“Dastaan”, a word which itself means ‘story or tale’, has an incredibly motivating and interesting story behind how the journey of Team Dastaan started.

The idea behind team Dastaan was initiated by a really young entrepreneur of Indore, named Tejasva Bansal (17-year-old), a high school student who proves the saying right, that ‘it is not merely years, but experience and efforts that reflect your age’.

‘He wanted to create something of his own and started his entrepreneurial journey and tried multiple startups when he was merely in 9th standard’, says Tejasva.

His path wasn’t easy and he faced many failures before getting the idea of starting his own Motivational YouTube channel named as LifeTalk, where he tries his best to inspire people. His page achieved noticeable success, with over 50 videos, 600+ subscribers and above 11k views on one video.
But this wasn’t enough for him.

His main aim was to help people by providing them a platform to showcase their talents. ‘I had seen my Father’s interest in music and yet seen him not pursuing a career in the same, just because of the lack of platforms for portraying his talent’, said Tejasva about the reason for coming up with the idea of Dastaan.

He says that ‘he was sitting with his friends one day and suddenly came with an idea to organise an open mic, but as he was young, his idea was neglected by everyone and he was adviced not to do any such thing.’

But, as he always wanted to provide such a platform where everyone can present their talents, and so he started ‘Dastaan’ as not merely an open mic, but a talent showcasing platform which invites and encourages all types of talents. And as the saying goes “Follow your heart, as it already knows where you belong”.

Same happened with him and his team, and after just hosting 4 events, Dastaan managed to cover more than 1000+ audience and 150+ artists.

Today, Dastaan stands as an example for the famous saying, ‘if you can dream it, then you can do it.

Team Dastaan has more than 30+ volunteers and even in such a young age, they have managed to organise events out of their own hometown. They have organised 2 events in Amritsar and plan on launching their brand in Amritsar and aim at organising such events in Delhi and Mumbai.

You can stream their videos on YouTube with the name of Dastaan Live and on Instagram – dastaan.live.

Tejasva believes in teamwork and appreciates his whole team, specially, “Aditya Verma, Suraj Kumar, Aditya Sharma, Aashutosh Bansal and Nikhil Patidar”, who have helped him to make Dastaan what it is today.

Mukesh Pathak
Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder of Indian Achievers Story & Social Hindustan. | Best Content Creator 35 UNDER 35 Madhya Pradesh | Motivational Speaker & Mozilla Tech Speaker | Software Developer