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Dr. Shila is a housewife. Sounds normal? You may think that what you can expect from a housewife as we don’t generally share their stories. They are not celebrities, they are not a subject to write about, they are not someone to put stories in social media. But everyone is failing to see that because of their effort, men are successful today. She never thought to pen down her story ever. It is only the inspiration of her elder son, Dr. Sai Kaustuv, who was pushing her to write her journey and how being a housewife, She became a special mother, an achiever and now standing class apart.

She was born in Katihar of Bihar but came to Siliguri, West Bengal, which was her home town at the tender age of two and a half months. Her father late Probodh Chandra Chakraborty used to work as a Guard in Railways and he was a great person. her mother was a very simple, spiritual and kind-hearted lady. She was a good singer too. She always encouraged Shila in everything and guided her to follow the righteous path. Challenges were her friends as from a long time she is strong in handling them. She still remembers during her final year college, she caught fire suddenly and her long hair and back portion of left leg got fully burnt. All requested her to drop out of the final exam. But she never used to entertain sympathy from the beginning of her life. So she struggled and studied hard from the hospital only and passed B.Sc. (Bio) with distinction. Those burning wounds were outside but there was a burning desire inside which never let her down.


She is a singer also and its a gift from her mother late Umarani Chakraborty who taught me Music with so much passion. Her mother made her a singer to receive love from millions of hearts. Shila completed her B.Mus. degree from Allahabad University. She used to give performances and still now teach music to many students even in abroad too. Shila got married to Kaushik, her better half who has molded her fully and made her better. She became a housewife. 

After her marriage, they were a very happy couple as they both knew the art of adjustment. They used to accept everything happily as complaining in life never allow you to build a happy home. Then her elder son Sai Kaustuv born and with his birth her life fully changed. He was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta which causes innumerable fractures due to brittle bones. So it was a huge challenge for both of them to accept Kaustuv and look after him with extra care. They were not special parents by default. But God has given them a special child and made them special parents to learn so much from life. Shila & Kaushik never broke down, never complained, never felt down in depression that why God did this to them. Shila has a younger son too, Kushal who is also very talented and physically fit. So they learned to accept everything as blessings. 


Life taught her so many lessons and she has become a perfect woman, an ideal wife, and a proud mother today. She left her job some years back and at present, she is fully a housewife. But that does not decrease the amount of her work. When we see outside society,  housewives are not getting enough respect which they deserve and we sometimes feel their activities for granted. That made them discouraged and demotivated as when one does a lot of things for you and in return gets an only rejection, naturally face tremendous pressure to stand strong. So she thought to inspire all housewives through her research. 



Looking after Dr. Sai Kaustuv was a big task to understand his emotions and to protect him from fractures was a challenge for Shila and her husband. For others, it may look like a difficult job to take care of a specially-abled child but for them, this work was like worship. Shila says, “Sai taught me patience, perseverance and true happiness which is are the qualities you can rarely find around. My two sons are a jewel and they both are so talented that no one could dare to ask me what were my challenges to bring them up. We think that nowadays, many housewives, besides carrying the entire burden of their homes, also go out to work outside for a balanced economy in the family. That is the time they run two full-time jobs together but often they are misunderstood from in-laws house. Let us not draw a boundary towards their feelings and make them feel caged. Let all housewives get their own time to fulfill their passion. Let the husband and wife share ideas together to get a conclusion from stressful issues. Let everyone have their equal rights and in this age of women empowerment, every housewife should be recognized for their relentless service towards their family.”


Being a special mother and in 50+ age, Shila thought to find her passion and tried new things to inspire today’s mothers. She made a new national & world record by chanting whole Hanuman Chalisa has 40 verses in 1 minute 45 seconds only. In today’s busy life, where people have very little time for spirituality, Dr. Shila wishes to inspire all youngsters, housewives and other people by chanting Hanuman Chalisa in the shortest time. Recently she completed her research on stress-free living through the Art of Spirituality and received an honorary doctorate degree from The Diocese of Asia, Chennai. She was honored by Honourable Judge N.F.J. Ponnudurai (President Human Rights Vigilance). She is an India Book of Record holder too where she achieved the National Record from New Delhi.


Dr. Shila shares, “God made us special parents and I always tried my level best to handle my job as a special wife too. Being a special mother, my message for all special parents is that, we all are blessed to be chosen as parents of a special child. So please give value to them and never complain about this destiny as who knows maybe these special kids change your fate. They just need your cooperation and love. They are able to create history. Today’s Dr. Shila Dasgupta is not made up of one day’s effort. Years of struggles, hard works and patience credited together and built a strong successful personality who never dare to face the truth, never allow sympathetic incidents to take over into life and never failed to give the best effort to win everybody’s love.”

Besides being a special mother I am a renowned Cook, an Acupressurist, a Reflexologist, a Natuaropathist, and a Numerologist too. Her self-confidence became her strength. She discovered her real self which will motivate millions of mothers, housewives and young girls around the world.

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