A new world record by a quinquagenarian couple during the lockdown period

Lockdown India : Midst of the lockdown period when everyone is trying something new, Dr. Shila and her husband Kaushik Dasgupta tried something huge. While they are fully into the house in lockdown mode and nothing else to do, they both tried completing 14 different household activities in 1 minute 58 seconds only. The result has come out wonderfully and Champion Book of World Record and Incredible Book of Records honored them with a New World Record. They together completed Worshipping Lord Ganesha, Slicing of Cottage Cheese, Spices Grinding, Cooking, Preparing Salad, Making Lemon Juice, Drinking Juice, Posting a Facebook status, Doing Makeup, Photography, Videography, Playing Harmonium, Singing & Clicking Selfie

In this modern age where everybody is encouraging equality, Dr. Shila & Kaushik are trying to inspire many other couples by doing various household chores together with mutual understanding and utilizing the lockdown time by motivating each other. They are ideal for many people.

Lockdown India

Dr. Shila Dasgupta is a special mother of a 90% differently-abled son and a World Record Holder. Shila has showcased her efficiency in balancing personal & professional life which became an inspiration for many housewives to grow and achieve success. She completed her B.Mus. degree from Allahabad University. For her excellent performance in Music, she received the titles “Sangeet Kalashree”, “Sangeet Bivakar”. She is working for Women Empowerment and Counselling Specially abled children’s mother & their families. In today’s corporate life, how to practice Spirituality in the shortest time has been shown through her records and research. Dr. Shila completed her research on Stress-free living through the Art of Spirituality and she is a renowned Cook, an Acupressurist, a Reflexologist, a Naturopathist, and a Numerologist too.

Mr. Kaushik works as a Security Officer and Operation Executive of Chaitanya Jyoti, an international Museum of Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh. He is very dedicated and always ready to serve the society at his level best. Besides this, He was a professional Photojournalist and had worked for various popular leading newspapers in North Bengal for 17 years. His photos received many awards and were famous for their uniqueness. He always supports Dr. Shila and they together handle a lot of activities at the home. Specially they are the main pillar for the success of their two sons. Dr. Kushal and Dr. Sai Kaustuv. They both are several national and international award winners. 

From the time of their marriage, the couple was very adjustive. They used to accept everything happily as they believed that, complaining in life never allowed them to build a happy home. Life taught them so many lessons and today they proved that by having respect for each other and through the power of acceptance, an ordinary couple can also become extraordinary. They shifted to Andhra Pradesh for the wellbeing of their elder son Sai Kaustuv and living in Puttaparthi for the last 16 years. All kinds of adversities, challenges, and hardships they had to face but nothing made them stop from becoming grateful. So they established an example that, though India is fully locked down and normal life came to a halt, their effort made them class apart. They are really INCREDIBLE! 

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