26/11 Attacks; Remembering our Heroes

26/11 Attacks; Remembering our Heros
26/11 Attacks; Remembering our Heroes

As we mark the 10-year anniversary of one of the most horrific attacks on India, we must offer our homages and pay our tribute to those who died protecting us. On November 26th, 2008, 10 LeT terrorists entered Mumbai, one of the most important cities in India, and attempted to lay siege to it. This attack caused a wave of rage and fury amongst Indians as never before.

The three-day coordinated attack by the 10 terrorists left quite a number of bodies in their wake. Around 166 people lost their lives while over 300 people were injured. Fortunately, 9 of the terrorists were gunned down and the last man standing, Ajmal Kasab, was captured where the Indian police were able to glean quite a bit of information about terrorist activities from him.

The question we must now ask ourselves is, if such a scenario happens again, are we prepared to handle it better than before?

  1. True, Mumbai has placed a request for newer hovercrafts, speedboats and intermediate support vessels for faster response.
  2.  The Government of India also is currently taking measures to secure the coastline of India.
  3. After 26/11, the Home Department has completely changedthe way in which action is being taken on confidential sensitive information.
  4. Governments have set up a Quick Response Team for other cities like Mumbai, which could be potential targets. These teams will have sophisticated weapons andinfrastructure. Commandos will be part of these QRTs.

But the real threat to our nation is not from the outside, but from the inside. If all citizens are vigilant to the threat to national security, if each one of us, including the police force, the engineers who build our wartime equipment, the people who procure them and us, citizens of this country, if we decide to put India before our own interests, no one can ever set foot in India for the wrong reasons.

Let us take this day and pay our homage to the brave men and women who protected us. Let us act in a way that we never dishonour their memories and deeds.

Akshay Kaore
Progress is achieved when everyone thinks about "The Greater Good". Akshay Kaore is a hardcore Potterhead who believes that to better a society, everyone must lend a hand. This IT employee yearns to break the shackles of the traditional approach and help the world become a better place to live in.