12th pass woman earns Rs. 20,000 month by farming on the terrace, got 42 honors

Sulafat Moeedin
Image Credit: The Better India

Sulafat Moeedin, a 46-year-old resident of a village in Ernakulam district in Kerala, is doing organic farming in different ways on the roof of her house and from this produce, she earns up to 20 thousand rupees per month.

It is common to grow vegetables on the terrace for your home’s needs. Nowadays many people are taking interest in terraced gardening. People are using some of the space available in the roof or balcony of their house to grow small and big plants. The main reason for this is the increasing awareness towards pure and healthy eating. But today we are introducing you to a woman who has not been gardening on the roof of her house for the last 24 years butalso  has been doing terracing farming and is earning from it as well.

SulafatMoeedin, a 46-year-old hailing from Edavanakkad village in Ernakulam district in Kerala, is known for rooftop farming. Many people have started growing greens and vegetables on the roof of their house after taking inspiration from them. Apart from ordinary citizens, he has also received much acclaim from the Department of Agriculture of Kerala. He has also received the award in the ‘Best Terrace Farmers’ category of Kerala in the year 2020.

Sulafat, who has studied only up to class 12, is a successful organic farmer today. He told The Better India, “I started rooftop organic farming about 24 years ago. We also have an acre of land but with it, I also used my 2000 sq ft roof. For those who do not have land for cultivation or have less land, roofing is the best option. However, how big is their roof and whether it can withstand the burden or not, these things also have to be kept in mind. “

150 types of fruits and vegetables grown through organic methods:

She told that she does not only grow vegetables on the terrace for her own home use, but also aims to bring more and more produce to the market, because farming is a means of livelihood for them. Today, Sulafat says that she has 1000 grow bags and pots on her terrace, in which she crops fruits, seasonal vegetables, salads, spices etc. Every season, she plants different vegetables including onion, ginger, turmeric, mint, coriander, maize, onion, fennel etc.

Apart from fruits and vegetables, she also cultivates ‘ajola’ used as green fodder. He said, “If cultivated properly on the roof, much more production can be taken. Also, you can do farming without using any harmful chemicals. Because you prepare the soil yourself, you can add all the necessary nutrients to the soil beforehand. ”

The cultivated roof uses cocoapeat, green manure, cow dung, earthworm manure and mustard cake for cultivation. In addition, small amounts of stone powder or bone meal powder are also added so that calcium is not deficient in the plants. She uses such things as Trichoderma, Neem oil and Verticillium to protect fruits and vegetables from pests. She uses drip irrigation system and ‘wick system’ to irrigate plants.

In the ‘wick system’ you place a pot filled with water near the grow bag or pot and take a rope or string of cloth, place one end of it in the pot or bag near the plants and put the other end in the water pot. . This provides moisture to the plants for a long time and also consumes less water in irrigation.

Most of the time, she tries to make her own. They also have a biogas plant and vermicomposting unit. She explains that the biogas plant runs from organic waste from kitchens and farming. This gives them about one and a half hours of gasper day and the slurry that comes out of it is used for farming. In addition, along with general farming on her one acre land, she also undertakes fisheries and poultry farming.

They earn well from the roof:

She further explained that she sells all the produce from the roof by putting stalls in local shops and in Krishi Bhavan. People living near them also come from their home and buy fruits and vegetables. Every month, she earns 20 thousand rupees only from her roof. Sometimes their earnings are more than this. Sulfat says, “Along with earning money from farming on the roof, I am able to feed organic and pure food not only to my family but also to other people. That’s why I always advise people to use their roof properly. “

Sulafat says that farming is his passion. She wants more and more people to join agriculture. For this, he also started his own YouTube channel Sulfath’s Green Diary’ to help people as much as possible. On this YouTube channel, she talks about different greens. In addition, free online training is also being provided to people. She is imparting this training in collaboration with Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Ernakulam and Ernakulam Social Service Society. Many people also come to see Terrace Farming at their home.He said, “I believe that people should move forward in agriculture. Your children should be involved in farming. By doing farming, we can keep good health of ourselves and our family. ”

His entire family also supports him in this work. His son, Mazhar, says, “In our house, fruits and vegetables never come from the market.” Everything grows in the house. Also, it is also earning an income. Organic farming keeps you healthy both physically and mentally. “

She says that she is proud to be her organic farmer. Sulafat has also been awarded from time to time for his successful work in agriculture. He has received around 42 awards at the block, district and state level for this work. But they are more happy than getting the award when people join them and start farming on the roofs of their homes.

Of course, the story of Sulafat is the inspiration for all of us. Especially for housewives who can earn a good income from terraced farming by staying at home. If you do not want to earn, you can also do this to feed pure food to your family and people in the neighborhood