Passion Turned Profession

Passion Turned Profession

Paint the canvas of dreams with passion.

Words are not necessary to create a great story. A paintbrush, paint, emotions and enchanting talent can tell mesmerizing stories too! And that is what Debdita Banerjee do.
Debdita creates colorful art pieces through her innovative and eco-friendly methods. She turns household utensils into hand painted home decor products which is one of the unique and startling concepts.

Early Days…

Daughter of Debjeet Kumar Banerjee, and Anandita Banerjee, Debdita was born in Kolkata and did her initial schooling from there itself. Currently, she is pursuing masters in English from North Bengal University but this isn’t what she wanted for herself. Conventionally, it was expected of her to become a teacher by profession after her studies because she is a girl. “That is too ordinary to do, and I want to do something unique and exceptional.” is what she told herself and eventually proved to the society.
From her early childhood to pre-teens, she was linked with her hobby but the bond faded in her early teens. But that was what seemed ‘the silence before the storm’ because when she started painting again, it was like a rejuvenated storm. She started painting again not on canvas or cloth but on aluminum!

Art is not just colors, but emotions put together.

She is fond of Indian folk art. Especially Kalighat Pattachitra, and Warli art. So she strung her fondness, and her idea together and started turning household utensils into amazing pieces of eye-catching beauty.
She says “The age-old Kalighat pattachitra, and other folk arts are being forgotten by us. These art forms represent our culture and tradition and we must adore them today and forever”. She gave shape to her thinking by initiating her own start-up called Debdita’s. She says “It is never easy for a woman to take up the challenge of a startup especially when her family does not support it and criticize the decision.But I believe that every criticism will motivate me to move ahead towards my dreams”.

Indian Achievers Story

The Everlasting motivation & support system…

As behind every great daughter is a truly amazing dad, Debdita looks up to her father as a role model. When the society tried to demotivate her through harsh criticism, her father stood as a shield in between and protected her. Moreover, the most charming part is the belief her father had in her. What more one would want than such a selfless and loving mentor to guide them through hurdles.
Indian Achievers Story

Current Manoeuvre…

Recently she participated in a group exhibition at Academy of Fine Arts to showcase her talent.Eminent artists like Tarun Chakraborty, Aditi Dutta, Debasish Mullick Chowdhury along with the other art lovers appreciated her work. At Academy, she showed that most ordinary aluminum kettles, mugs, covers of cooking pots can be turned into beautiful home decor items by innovative ideas. To spread the love and beauty of folk art she made her home decor pieces affordable for people and ensured availability through her facebook page.

Optimism is the faith one has in self.

A brush in hand and passion in heart she is creating a world of colors and beauty and spreading the enthusiasm she has within. To start an artistic revolution one must be brave and bold. Which Debdita is and that makes her our achiever. Our Indian Achiever .

Tanishka Patidar

Tanishka Patidar

Content Writer

Tanishka is a content writer at Indian Achievers Story. Her passion for writing brought her to IAS in 2018. She is a published story writer and poet. An immense believer in humanity and social-work. A lover of tea, pen, and poetry in equal measures.

  1. Many congratulations Debdita. I am sure your dedication and hard working attitude together with your volume of experience in the field is going to take you miles. All my best wishes to you. Much love! ❤❤

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