Little Eyes Big Dreams – Uttkarsh Barayla Indian Achiever

Failure will never overtake you if your determination to succeed is strong enough!


“Success has no age definition.”

The above words are very well substantiated by 11-year-old bambino named Uttkarsh Barayla who dwells in Nasrullaganj, Sehore; Madhya Pradesh. His father is Mr. Mukesh Barayla and mother is Mrs. Krapa Barayla. His father works as an agriculturist and her mother manages the hearthstone and one more member his kin Himanshi Barayla, well she is also a scholar like Uttkarsh.

Uttkarsh is a kiddo at B.V.M.H. School, Nasrullaganj in class 6. He is one who honestly sedulous towards his work and vehement towards cricket. Yes, this is very well proven in my next statement as he started playing cricket at the infancy of 6 years. When children have the dreams of playing silly in grounds he has the dream to touch the moon with his talent. He wakes up early in the aurora and meditates for 2 hours. And as the day continues he finishes up with his school work till 4 pm and seeks time for his vehement. He has the caliber to grapple everything in limited time.

As in these busy days, no one gets time to take care of their body but this tiny heart works quite hard to maintain his body. Uttkarsh is also very meticulous toward the body. He work-out 4-5 hours every day on his body. His unbreakable dedication towards cricket from the age of 6 to till now unraveled the opportunity to play 3 cricket matches outside the city. In his first match, he only scored 6 runs, discouraging but life don’t let him down he again got the opportunity to play in Indore at CCI club and also assessed himself for 2 months. His desirous for cricket is much stronger analogously to studies but he is a prodigy he is also brilliant at studies. Above all this, he only fantasizes for playing cricket for India.

The person who Uttkarsh acknowledges the most are his father Mr. Mukesh who guided him in the dilemma of every situation and supported whenever he needs it; secondly his coach Mr. Satish Chandra Verma who made him obscure and consummate in the field of Cricket. They are the 2 unbreakable arms of Uttkarsh who never let him down.

Uttkarsh is the youngest Cricketer ever. He dreamt of all this when no one ponders what they want to be in their lives. It takes commitment and keen desire to boost up the confidence and talent at such a small age and surely he has all these qualities embedded and let him shine like a star always. The ideal with respect to Indian cricket team players is M.S. Dhoni who worked as ticket checker at a railway station but his talent lifts him up to the pinnacle of Indian cricket history as his role model. He is also well aware of the fact that without firmness and the courage to face whatever comes with an undying attitude will always lead him to the top.

“I hated every minute of training but I said don’t quit suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion!”
    -Muhammad Ali



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