Hardwork Pays off Akram Khan

Hardwork Pays off Akram Khan

Today’s story is of a man Akram Khan who is a Dancer by profession. Akram belongs to a low-class family in harda which is situated in Hoshangabad district. He belongs to a very simple family and he resides with his father Nawab Khan and mother Sakila Bai and three brothers. His father is a compounder by profession.

Akram had spent his entire childhood in harda and he had completed his schooling from govt. High School harda. During his studies, he failed three times in mathematics in his 11th standard and then he changed his subject from Mathematics to bio and passed his 11th & 12th examination without fail. Akram is currently pursuing B.A. Akram family did not like his idea of dancing but he seemed to be so passionate about it.

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Akram had seen his friend Shahbaz Ali and two of his friends dancing and he felt inspired and decided to go for it. One fine day Akram asked Shahbaz Ali to choreograph him and to this question, Shahbaz Ali replied that dancing is not a one-night thing! His words hurt Akram to his core and he started training himself on his own. He worked day and night and today he is a professional dancer. Akram’s father restricted him from dancing because in their religion it is believed that dancing is a crime.

Akram asked his father to give him one year time to prove himself. Later then Akram established a dance academy popularly known as AKRAM dance Academy but his academy did not drive many students towards it. Even He could not afford enough money to pay the rent, He then started dancing in marriage parties and for small commercial advertisements. Today Akram had given a name to his dance class and he did not take money from those students who could not pay are interested in dancing. Recently there are 120 students in Akram’s dance academy who are so much passionate regarding dance.

When his father gets to know about these from the fellow neighbors he became very happy and felt proud for his son.The news brought tears to the old man’s eyes. Today Akram is a social worker. He is continuing as a social worker on a project called change looms of an NGO Synergy Shansthan. After looking at his hard work he was called to Nepal where achievers from only four countries have come in which Akram and one of his friend Anjali were selected.

‘Without Effort, You will never get it.

‘Without Sacrifice, you will never get it.

‘Without Discipline, you will never Keep it


Akram’s role model is his father who supports him and guides him in every aspect of life.

Akram believes that ‘Make your moves in silence, let your success make the noise’.

Avinash Kour

Avinash Kour

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