Focus is the main thing for Camera and Career also

Focus is the main thing- for Camera and Career also

Camera needs focus and the same thing is applicable for career. The right focus helps you to capture good clicks and also helps you to achieve good place in your professional life. This is the story of Manjima Mukherjee- an inspiration for the young girls in our orthodox society. She turns her passion for photography into her professional skill and uplifts herself to the owner of FLASHBACK: A complete world of photography, videography and editing.

Begining of Journey:


MANJIMA MUKHERJEE, owner of FLASHBACK started her Photographic journey with taking admission at YOUTH TRAINING CENTRE, WEST BENGAL on 2011 and completed DIPLOMA IN STILL PHOTOGRAPHY , when she was a student of graduation and after Graduation she started her higher studies (Advance Diploma In Commercial Photography) from INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PHOTOGRAPHY on the year 2013. The inner thirst made her more eligible in this field of photography.

Primarily she started her work under the name of ‘Manjima Mukherjee Photography’ from 2013 . After that she converted the name to FLASHBACK and registered it on 22nd June, 2015 at her age of 23. Manjima is basically a combo of an emotional Bengali girl from heart and a hardcore business woman in her professional field who can cook and click in a parallel way.

Working Culture:

Flashback exhibits corporate culture in photography and merges the creative and corporate track of it. For its corporate culture, Manjima is the prime pillar of Flashback. In her words, ” Flashback is a basic combination of lens and literature. It is true that I have founded FLASHBACK but there was a person (Payal Basu) who always support me in all situations not technically and economically but mentally.

Gradually she became an important part of FLASHBACK. Basically, I direct  my employees how to enliven the ordinary frames and Payal Basu makes story out of those frames. ” Flashback always focus on the quality of the work, not on the quantity of the work. We do work under one roof but our motto is same.  Our team members have enough proficiency to work with various genre of works.

They are extremely talented and experienced in their respective fields. In this competitive world of photography, FLASHBACK and its team members always take the word ‘competition’ in a positive way. Because of the existence of our competitors we find the urge to upgrade our services, upgrade our values, upgrade our visions, upgrade our creativity and all. In this context we want to mention the quote by Richard St. John: “Competition is all about keeping you on your toes and doing your best.

So instead of hating your competitors, see them as a pushing force that helps you to get the most out of yourself. Go find some competitors and thank them for helping you. Then push yourself so far ahead of them you will leave them in a trail of dust.”

Flashback is like a friendly community for all its members. The main source of our strength is our clients’ feedback and support. It has crossed several milestones, made friends and eventually became a happy and huge family. It is offering a platform to showcase client’s commercial interest as well as their valuable family events through our work with a personal touch and artistic flavor.

Work for satisfaction, not for praise

Recent Master Stroke

Recently, FLASHBACK has got an another feather with its name- it sanctioned as a TRADE MARKED company. FLASHBACK has got the lifetime membership in ALL INDIA PHOTOGRAPHIC TRADE AND INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION, Mumbai. But this is not the end of the journey. Many miles to go and achieve many more milestones which are waiting in the upcoming years of journey.

Journey is more beautiful than destination

Creating a company at this early stage of her life and achieving such honourable position, Manjima has already enlisted herself as an achiever.

  1. Hats off Manjima. Nowadays even PhD holders,engineers and management graduates are applying for the job of a peon. That is why we need Job Creators like Manjima Mukherjee & not Job Seekers. She is the inspiration of young generations.

  2. Hats off Manjima! Nowadays even PhD holders, engineers and management graduates are applying for the job of a peon. That is why we need Job Creators like Manjima Mukherjee and not the Job Seekers. She is the inspiration of young generations.

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