Creating Positive Life Transformations

Creating Positive Life Transformations – Uma Panchapakesan

Creating Positive Life Transformations

Uma Panchapakesan is arguably one of the most talented women in her cohort who has positively disrupted the status quo. She is a multi-award winner for her distinguished achievements and remarkable growth in all her endeavours. She is a visionary and change maker driven by epic ideas to positively impact the world.

In addition to her professional roles a Life coach, Lecturer, Meditation & Yoga Instructor, Events & Conference professional, and Cosmetologist, she is also a trained Kuchipudi dancer. Uma’s interests include philosophy, psychology, spirituality, music, books, and travel. She is a successful entrepreneur and a proud mother of two wonderful sons Adithya and Siddarth who are equally competent and ambitious as their mother.

Jack of all trades and master of all

Uma opines that the world needs more of jacks of all trades and it also needs an updated version of the phrase. Uma is a polymath, a renaissance person, a multipotentiality and her energy is positively contagious. Uma considers herself larger than life. She is a resilient spirit, someone always in motion, propelling herself to strive for excellence and gaining mastery in varied fields.

Holistic Wellness Counsellor & Transformational Life Coach

Creating Positive Life Transformations

Uma Panchapakesan is the founder and wellness coach at i.BeyondBliss Personal & Corporate Wellness. She is a Professional Holistic Wellness Counsellor and Life and Business coach. She is deeply passionate about the possibility of executing the power of the mind over matter to achieve powerful transformation. She applies the dynamics of human behavior and research-based in-demand tools, techniques, and frameworks coupled with her quintessential coaching skills.

She has worked relentlessly to accumulate the knowledge, experience, and training needed to help her clients achieve their objectives. She has helped many of her clients with critical life transitions, behavioral change, breaking limiting beliefs and anxiety, anger and stress management. She has an international clientele and coaches Business owners, Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Company Directors, Leaders, Executives and anyone wanting to achieve a quantum leap in the personal and professional spectrum of their lives.

i.BeyondBliss was born out of her self-need for a personalized and accessible natural way to reduce stress, boost happiness and increase peak performance. Uma recognized the dramatically growing stress levels and unhappiness in the community and the need for a unique mental & emotional wellness program for the busy urban professionals which is easy and accessible. What inspires and motivates Uma is the opportunity to be a part of her client’s positive transformations. She savors and truly cherishes every moment of supporting, coaching and mentoring her clients and helps them through their Oh No! Moments and celebrate their Aa Ha! Moments.

Meditation & Yoga Instructor:

Creating Positive Life Transformations

Uma is a Registered Practitioner of the International Meditation Teacher Trainers Association, with an IMTTA Certificate in Holistic Counselling and Meditation Therapy. She is an expert in Mindful-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) which is a methodology used to incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life to help break cycles of anxiety, unhappiness, stress, fatigue, chronic pain, and insomnia. She conducts MBSR programs and helps her clients to build their mental, emotional, physical and psychological resilience and well-being.

University Lecturer:

Uma is a passionate and enthusiastic lecturer committed to creating a meaningful and creative study experience for her students. Her objective is to encourage students to thrive in a stimulating learning environment and to contribute outstanding value to education. Prior to embarking on academia journey, she has served in various multinational companies and industries including IT, International Trade, Hospitality and Tourism within the roles of Business Management, Operations Management, Events & Conference Management, Research Analyst, Entrepreneurship and Leadership for over two decades. Her resourceful industry experiences have been instrumental in her present career as an academic, as she can integrate her real-world business knowledge in the classroom environment to inspire her students.

Uma’s Academic & Professional Qualifications

  • Master of International Tourism & Hospitality Management – Southern Cross University, Australia.
  • Accredited Professional Coach – Australia.
  • Certificate in Mindful-Based Stress Reduction – USA.
  • Certificate in Holistic Human Development – Australia.
  • Certificate in Meditation & Chair Yoga – Australia.
  • IMTTA Certificate in Holistic Counselling – Australia.
  • Certificate in Mindfulness for Well-being and Peak Performance – Australia.
  • Certificate in Reiki Therapy – Australia.

Uma’s Awards & Achievements:

Uma is the proud recipient of the:

  • “Highest Academic Achievement Award” from The Hotel School, Sydney.
  • “Entrepreneur Award” from Southern Cross University.
  • “Berry Poole Memorial Prize” from School of Business and Tourism.
  • “DUX Course Academic Award” for 6.9/7 GPA from The Hotel School, Sydney.

“There is no greater calling than to serve your fellow men. There is no greater contribution than to help the weak. There is no greater satisfaction than to have done it well” – Walter Reuther

Uma’s Passion & Purpose:

Uma’s passion is to empower and inspire mankind and the purpose of her life is to create positive life transformations.

Uma’s Mission & Vision

Uma’s vision is to make a difference in the world. Her mission is to recalibrate people’s internal compass and help them re-engineer their lives to see the infinite possibilities.

Creating Positive Life Transformations


Uma’s mum has been very enterprising and encouraged Uma to participate in various cultural and sports activities. Right from her childhood, Uma has shown talent in multiple disciplines with a keen interest in fine arts and sports. She is a trained Kuchipudi dancer and during her school and college days, she has won over 50 prizes and awards for her classical and semi-classical performances. She was equally interested in sport and won every competition from athletics to team sports.

She has held various positions such as the College Fine Arts Secretary at SDNB Vaishnav College in Chennai, India and sports team leader in Sri Shankara Vidyalaya, Chennai, India. She was the proud winner of the all-around championships in both dance and sports. She has always been a high achiever in all her endeavors and she has never looked back since then. She owes her talents to her mum and smartness to her dad.


Her quest for exploring the greater and grander version of herself led her to persue her Master’s Degree at the age of 45. She pushed herself from her comfort zone to unravel her greater potentials.


Uma’s dream is to establish an International Holistic Wellness Retreat Centre and introduce people to a holistic lifestyle and enable them to start living a life of abundance and prosperity. When asked how she manages to handle multiple high profile professional roles and live a happy and stress-free life she explained her strategy as.

My breath my anchor:

Uma religiously practices meditation and yoga every day and follows a mindfulness lifestyle. She says that she always finds happiness no matter what her circumstances are and the key ingredients to her happiness are Gratitude, Compassion, Acceptance, Forgiveness and a Non-judgmental attitude.

Never quit it is worth all the struggle:

Uma has always had the attitude to find opportunity in every challenge. In conclusion, Uma says it is never too late to rediscover yourself, our minds are fascinating and can create our desired reality.

Becoming an achiever:

Uma reiterates that we are more than what we are and can achieve more than we think. We just need to get over our mental barriers to see what you can really achieve.

On a sustainable lifestyle:

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect” ~ Mark Twain

Uma has become a vegan after she watched a documentary on the forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to voiceless animals. She has embraced a vegan lifestyle in food, clothing, cosmetic and everything in-between. She follows a vegan lifestyle for ethical reasons and the sustainability of the planet and the environment.

A note from Uma:

Having navigated through several life transformations myself, I know that true change takes time, commitment, persistence backed by strong coaching and mentoring. Today I know the strategy to create my own reality and destiny. I am the architect of my abundant and prosperous life and I want to help others achieve the same. She concludes by says she feels blessed and grateful about living her life of Passion ~ Purpose ~ Progress ~ Prosperity

Uma’s mentors:

Uma draws inspirations and wisdom from legendary mentors including Dalai Lama, John Kabat Zin, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Tony Robbins, Iyanla Vanzant, Opera Winfrey and Sharon Pearson who have inspired, influenced and empowered her with their knowledge and wisdom.

Uma’s favorite Book: Purpose by Lisa Messenger.
Uma’s favorite film: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence”- Confucius.

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