Create Your Own Sunshine – Juhi Jha Indian Achievers

For any player, Sports requires hard work and dedication to achieve ones goals. To reach the pinnacle of the sport one has to give it all from crashing ones bones to bruising ones knees.

Create Your Own Sunshine - Juhi Jha Indian Achievers

Today’s story is of a simple girl whose name is Juhi Jha. Juhi belongs to a middle-class family of Indore Madhya Pradesh. She lives there with her mother, father and two brothers. Her father name is Subodh Jha who works of surveying, her mother name is Sudha Jha who is a housewife. She did her schoolings from government school Indore. Juhi was attracted towards sports since childhood. She saw girls playing kho-kho for the first time in her school. Since then she started playing kho-kho and her school teachers appreciated her which give a boost to her moral. She joined Happy wonder club nearby where she used to practice kho-kho daily. She then took admission in engineering college but she dropped the idea of engineering after watching her family’s financial conditions. But fate did not betray her and she gets selected for kho-kho India camp. She did not want to miss this opportunity.

“I always felt that my greatest asset was not my physical ability, it was my mental ability.”

Create Your Own Sunshine - Juhi Jha Indian Achievers

Now she is an international kho-kho player and she completed her this journey with hard work. She is the only woman from Madhya Pradesh who get selected in kho-kho India team. Juhi’s elder brother Abhishek Jha is also national kho-kho player. Till date she had participated in 1 international, 2 India camp, 1 national test series and 25 national along with these she is an international gold medalist in kho-kho. In Asian championship, she participated from India’s women kho-kho team.

“Push yourself again and again. Don’t give an inch until the final buzzer sounds.”Create Your Own Sunshine - Juhi Jha Indian Achievers

She is currently pursuing B.A from a Gujarati college in Indore. Along with studies, she is also a sports teacher in a school in Indore. Juhi’s mentor is her mother and she because of her support only played for India team. Her mother fully supports her. Her dream is that she gets awarded Vikram award and she also wants to work as a government employee for which she is working hard.

1. International Kho Kho Women Team India. (Gold Medal)
2. Asian Championship India (Gold Medal)
3. 2 India Camp Kho Kho.
4. 1 Test Series India (Guwahati Assam)
5. 25 National (Madhya Bharat Team Indore)
6. West Zone 2 Medal National

According to her, every person doesn’t think same because many people have told her that kho-kho is a very small game and there is no future in this game and she should play some other game. However, she always knows that we can even break a whole mountain if work hard with passion and honesty and she had reached her destination.

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