Charity A Charity Not for People But for the Hunger

This is a story of a man who lives in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh and he had been serving free food to 300 people since 4 years and earning lots of blessings and love, nobody leaves disappointed from his place. The Name of this Pure Soul is Maqbul Ahmed, He Runs his own Tea stall and also fighting for people’s Hunger, He serves food to 300 people absolutely free and he had been doing this thing since 2013.

Maqbul had started serving people since 1 may, 2013 Maqbul Says that he fed the people with the earnings that he made from his tea stall.

Charity A Charity Not for People But for the Hunger

But by God’s Grace now he has enough money to feed even 1000 peoples who visit his place. He is spreading awareness among the people so that nobody could sleep with hunger and sadness.

Maqbul also revealed that even sometimes when he did not have money for feeding the people, he managed to take money from home to bring a smile on the hungry faces. He alone initiated for this virtue work .But now he have a strengthen team of people like him who help maqbul to serve the hungry people.

“Langar-E-Aam” is the Name of his shop where the rag pickers, beggars and other wanderers who are from small villages eat here and sleep on the footpaths near.

Charity A Charity Not for People But for the Hunger1

People admire and shower their blessings on Maqbul for this good deed. Maqbul Might not be a wealthy person but his unstoppable dedication is Impressive and also people are cooperating Maqbul to build even stronger.

Maqbul is not alone to handle his shop; there are local peoples who help him in his work because Maqbul alone cannot bear all the expenses.

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