Achievers are not born but made

Achievers are not born but made

Indian Achievers Story

Nextbrain technologies had made a big bang start with their office at the Silicon Valley of India. With this, the dream of growing into a brand, had begun in 2016. However, starting a new journey is easier than continuing it with the same diligence and passion. But Nextbrain technologies not only continued their journey with the same grace but doubled their business, office space and employees in just a span of one year.

How it all began:

Don’t follow your dreams, chase them.

That’s what Saranraj.C and Chandhrasekaran.SS did to materialise their dreams through Nextbrain technologies. They had been friends since their college days. After college they joined the same company NDOT Technologies, Coimbatore. While one of them continued to work there, learning all that is needed to start a venture of their own, the other went off and joined L&T Infotech, Mysore, exploring the outer world. While in college they had the dream to start their own venture and their professional exposure helped them to be equipped with all that is needed for materialising a start-up.

Finally, in March 2016, they knew that it was time to build the company of their dreams. They resigned from their well-paid white collar jobs and chose to explore their dreams. Thus, was born Nextbrain Technologies, developing mobile applications, web applications as well as chatbots. To start with, the office space was limited. However, that did not restrict their aspirations and dreams. So, soon from an 1bhk office at Bangalore, they shifted to a bigger one.

The journey:

This journey was not an easy one. It demanded a lot of hardwork, perseverance, diligence, financial resources and bunch of people who are ready to strive for excellence. A bigger office and larger number of employees mean greater responsibility. Our projects and clients increased from hundreds to thousands. Ensuring the customer satisfaction remained our moto, even with the increase in projects and clients. Happy clients turned into repeat customers and referred our products and services to their networks. This is how we are growing day by day.

We began as a humble startup, but is growing in a rapid speed. We learn everyday and keep growing. Challenges have paved our way, but that does not stop us from going forward. Challenges and barriers simply help us to think more and innovate. The more we are challenged, the better we develop our problem solving skills.

We work hard and party harder. We work with diligence to meet the client deadlines and ensure their satisfaction. Once work is done, we engage ourselves in extra-curricular activities, birthday parties, festival celebrations and fun games. With these activities we are able to regain the energy, that help us work sincerely again.

Working at the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is an additional challenge itself. Employees have certain expectations from their employers and the expectations are not lessened for a startup. The company has been successful in fulfilling the employee’s expectations and in making the work environment a better place and provides the employees with a friendly work environment. The company believes in trusting the employees rather than monitoring them using CCTV cameras. The employees also value the trust that the company has on them and ensures that they fulfill the organizational goals.

Looking forward:

It is true that we have achieved some of the milestones, but we have a long way to go, until we become one of the top mobile app development companies and a brand that other start-ups will be inspired from. We learn from the hurdles that we crossed yesterday, get inspired from the good work and appreciations, retain what we learned and look forward to a better tomorrow An Indian Achiever.

Avinash Kour

Avinash Kour

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