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If you drop your beliefs, you drop your success. God’s mighty people begin to fall even as achievers when they begin to drop the beliefs they pursue at first.


Rakesh Yadav is a dweller of Hoshangabaad district in a village named Chidgavn. He appertains from a middling size family. He animates in a conjoint family encompassing three brothers; grand Pater; grand mater and uncle-aunt. He has a notion regarding the welfare of children. His pater name is Mr. Jugal Kishore Yadav who fruits in Indian Railway and his mater is Mrs. Pushpa Yadav as a homemaker.

Rakesh juvenescence is spent in his Hamlet and his schooling is done from a government school. And his B.C.A was carried out in S.D.M. University in the shadow of city Shivani Malwa. He was not stubborn during his infancy. Due to schooling carried out in a government college he was enfeebled in speaking English and this became a cause for teachers to let him not partake in any co-scholastic activities. This created a wound deep inside his heart and led him to envision something and he was resolute on that. He left the school and created his own cosmos named Masti Ki Paathshala so that each and every child can share their intellection to their paters and make their dreams come true.

He has great affection for children and feels pleasure in doing these chores. Friend’s, people abdicate easily but Rakesh was so much determined and sedulous that he worked joining all the dots using brain. He has a unique selfhood among all villagers. He acts as a barrier to difficulties and children lives so that any children won’t face any problem. He has accomplished a task of performing 50-52 programs in Masti ki Paathshala by contacting with village children’s studying in school. He codifies a creative workshop which includes hand band; paperwork letting children imagine and do something new. He indoctrinates the children’s too. When he faced back in last semester he left studies.

His beau ideal is his father but he never had enough conversation with his father but he deserved gratitude all over the village. His thoughts encourage him.

He is currently working as a volunteer in Synergy Sansthan NGO in a project named changelooms which works in positive thinking.

His Triumphs

Masti Ki Paathshala  { Founder }

He is inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and Bhagat Singh. He pleas for seeking the right way like Mahatma Gandhi and energy like Bhagat Singh.

Overnight success is just a fantasy. You must get up and work for it and seek inspiration from all these achievers.

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